Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Getting back on the horse

A couple days into October, I started having significant computer problems; I wound up having to get a new laptop, and what with one thing and another, it took a while—it was over a month before I had my new computer all set up and working the way I wanted. I did have computer access during that time, but it was somewhat limited, and so some things fell by the wayside. Including, obviously, this blog. Once I had the computer up and running, I should have gotten back to it, but I was completely out of the habit, and you know how busy November and December are for pastors . . . I do need to resume the discipline, however, and I'm finally stirring myself to do so. Keep at me. :)


Sis said...

I'm so glad you're back in the game, and that nothing was 'wrong' in the sense that you were sick, etc.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts again, I've missed ya!

Rob Harrison said...

Thanks. Crazy time right now, but I do hope to get spooled back up before too long.